Who we are

The hospital is registered as a limited company with Board of Directors who are appointed by the trustees within the framework of community interests. The hospital Medical employees are 90 people composed of medical doctors, nurses, clinicians, technicians, clerks, casuals and management. It was registered as a hospital by the Ministry of Health in 1992.

The hospital has a 120 bed capacity providing comprehensive health services to the communities from Homabay County and its environs.  The hospital has a surgical theater, X-ray, Medical Laboratory, Dental clinic, HIV/AIDs clinic, MCH/FP/PMTCT+ and other comprehensive clinical health care services. The hospital has also a modern mortuary and runs community Mobile clinics in hard to reach areas. Most of the equipment were provided with support from Matata Foundation, Development Partners, International NGOs and well wishers.


 “Patients first and foremost”


“To provide access to comprehensive and integrated quality health care to improve individual and community health”


“Your health, our priority”

Core Values

Respect  We seek to dignify every person regardless of race, gender, creed, economic or health status and age. We treat people equally and also seek to understand people’s differences and points of view without compromising our core mission
Integrity We show impartiality, fairness and honesty while upholding the highest ethical standards when providing health services.
Professionalism  We shall exhibit highest standards of professionalism in all our engagement with clients. We maintain a high level of knowledge, skills and standards as we provide health services to clients. We maintain confidentiality whilst upholding the highest standards of service at the work place.
Team Work  We contribute fully to the activities of the hospital to address shared challenges through common effort. As a team we share information and resources. We promote open communication and commitment to our clients’ needs.
Compassion  We always understand and empathize for patients and community members who need our help. We demonstrate genuine sympathy and willingness to help those who need health services.