Bill Payments

If you have a billing related question or would like to make a payment, you may contact  Accounts Department for assistance. The department is open Monday through Monday from 8 am to 6:00 pm daily.


Religious Affiliation

Our patients who have indicated an affiliation with a local church or temple, can choose to be visited by their minister, priest or pastor. Additionally, our spiritual care staff visit patients to offer assistance and discuss resources for additional help and support. Such visits can be arranged by a patient’s doctor, any staff member on the patient care team, a social worker.


Request for medical records

To request copies of your medical record for your own use or to disclose to health care providers, insurance companies, attorneys or other third parties, you must:

  • Make your request in writing by completing our authorization to disclose protected health information form.


Insured Patients

We bill health insurance companies on behalf of our patients. Our goal is to assist patients in accessing all of their health care benefits. However, if an insurance carrier does not make payment, the bill may ultimately be the patients’ responsibility.

  • You are responsible for understanding your insurance benefits;
  • Not all services may be covered or paid in full;
  • Make sure your policy requirements have been satisfied, and that you or your physician obtain any necessary referral, per-certification or authorization.


Discharge Planning

A nurse care manager and social worker are available to assist patients with discharge planning. They answer questions, address concerns and provide resources related to recovery.


For Patients