Background of Matata Hospital


Started as a Small Healthcare Hospital 1992

Started as a Small Healthcare Hospital

Matata Nursing Hospital (MNH) started as a small community health outreach spearheaded by Mr. John Malago a nurse by profession and was registered as a hospital by the Ministry of Health in 1992. The facility evolved from a small unit behind the shops in Oyugis Town to its current premises running as a fully-fledged level four hospital.

Started as a Small Healthcare Hospital


Registered as a limited company 2005

Registered as a limited company

The hospital is registered as a limited company with Board of Directors who are appointed by the trustees within the framework of community interests. The hospital has a total staff of 90 comprising of three resident Medical Officers, 12 consultants with service contract, including general surgeon, pediatricians, and oncologists, 32 Nurses, one radiographer, 12 Clinical officers, one oral health officer, seven lab technologists, 6 pharmaceutical technologists, 2 physiotherapists, 6 VCT counsellors, 1 anesthetist, 150 Community Health Workers (CHWs) and 2 mortuary attendants and support staff with various specialized skills. The top administrator is the Executive Director. In addition, the hospital has a board of directors with a chairman and the executive director as the secretary.

Registered as a limited company


Attained Level 4 Status 2014

Attained Level 4 Status

The hospital has 160 bed capacity providing comprehensive health services to the communities from Homa bay County. The hospital serves 300 patients per day. The hospital has a surgical theater, X-ray, Laboratory, Dental, HIV/AIDs, MCH/FP/PMTCt+ and other comprehensive clinical health care services. Most of the equipment were provided with support from Matata Foundation, development partners, international NGOs and well-wishers. The hospital has a mortuary and runs community Mobile clinics in hard to reach areas. However, there are still some critical areas that the hospital need to enhance due to the high demand for health care from local communities.

Attained Level 4 Status

Our Work Process Towards

Increasing access to quality health care to the local communities

The hospital has two satellite centers: RAPCOM-Awendo Migori County (now self-sustaining) and Awach Kibuon IHL-Central Karachuonyo North Homa Bay County under development. 

MNH also has developed multiple community Health Centre and are run and managed by the communities and the Homa Bay County government and has mobile clinics in hard to reach areas. The hospital equally targets other associated(friendly Medical Centres-Nyarongi in Dhiwa and Santa Jane in Nyakach-Kisumu County to enhance capacity building in terms improved health services and screening for Cancer for onward referrals.

Standards of Treatment

We provide Level 4 standards of treatment as we aim to be the most preferred medical facility in Nyanza and Western region.

Infections Prevention

We work with community volunteers to provide information on various infection preventions to both the young & the old.

Quality of Care Services

Services at MNH are all aimed at providing quality medical care and in a patient-friendly facility to the community.

Patient Experience

We aim to always give the best patient experience throughout the entire patient journey at MNH.

Well Communication

We strive to always offer timely communication to both the patient and the care-takers promptly and appropriately.

30+ Years Of Service

We have a 30+ Years of service giving medical care to communities in Homa Bay County and its environs.

Our Background