In Our Rationale for the Strategic Plan

Matata Nursing Hospital Strategic Plan (2023-2027) aims to provide a strategic direction that will enable it to execute its mandate optimally. The plan also seeks to re-position the hospital to respond to the rising demand for quality health care. Specifically, the Strategic Plan covering the period 2023 – 2027 has been developed to:

  1. Align the work of the hospital with expected desired goals;
  2. Strengthen the hospital’s capacity for clinical services delivery;
  3. Enhance sustainable health care, providers supporting team skills and community’s capacity to absorb services provided effectively
  4. Provide ways of enhancing Research for future clinical and community development.
  5. Provide a framework for mobilizing resources towards achievement of the hospital’s Goals;
  6. Provide a framework for monitoring and evaluation of the performance of the hospital;
  7. Communicate the hospital’s vision to stakeholders.



Our Strategic Plan