Areas We Need Partner Support

  1. We welcome donors and partners particularly to partner with Matata Hospital as a spring board and a connecting center to Lake region health facilities keen to participate in the Cancer screening, referral, treatment and management which is now a huge challenge to our community. For MNH, collaborating with partners is critical to achieving lasting solutions to health and development challenges in the community.
  2. We seek to partner with donors on capacity building for our partnering health facilities and individual professionals, both in terms of human resource, finance and infrastructures to effectively achieve the MNH objectives of a universal health care to our community.
  3. To develop sustainable linkages and networking  with the local and international competence health facilities and specialized professionals who are willing and capable of supporting the initiatives.
  4. To develop community Health education and development for information, knowledge and as preventive strategies.
WHERES having excellent medical facilities endowed with exceeding buildings, medical equipment and perfect human resources are our ultimate goals, the main objective of our partnerships with potential donors is to achieve easy accessibility to quality Cancer and other treatments for the communities we serve This might not be achieved if we overlook the socioeconomic capacity of our targeted groups/communities, who are generally our poor. The poverty index in Luo-Nyanza is a worrying concern and might might undermine our good intention if not well checked.

Our Approach

We have taken a holistic approach in implementing a sustainable clinical approach that is different from the normal approaches to health interventions. Hence the need for Socio-economic initiatives that would improve the clinical care, uptake and outcomes. We have already undertaken the household socioeconomic and health surveys within the targeted core areas in Luo Nyanza. Therefore, the other project activities that we would need funds are socio economic interventions in the most significant ways, thus, we require competent partners whom we will work with to impact on the lives and livelihoods of our communities.

We have attached the Lwala Community Alliance Strategic Plan as an example of the community approach to a universal health care for all. They also are our potential partners in this development initiative. 

International or local organization/persons willing to support our Oncology initiative or any of our projects are highly welcome: