Project Description :

Matata Hospital has two Satellite Medical Centers; RAPCOM-Migori County. The project expects to improve existing infrastructures: building laboratory and pharmacy where cancer screening can be done efficiently. deliver sustainable Cancer and Cardiovascular disease screening (CVD)

AKIHL in Lwala Nyakongo-Rachuonyo North Sub-Sub County  which is  a satellite medical center of the MNH and under construction. The project intends to complete the infrastructures and adjust already done portion to enable sustainable provision of integrated quality curative and preventive health services to the needy Rachuonyo and beyond communities. The infrastructure development would include among others: Buildings, competent clinical laboratory, various medical equipment and tools, reliable water supply system, x-ray and Ultrasound, dental, ENT, etc, services. We expect the AKIHL to be  a great medical Centre for the cardiovascular diseases screening and treatment, Systematic screening, Cervical Cancer screening, Screening specifically for diabetes, Opportunistic screening and treatment, Maternal and Child Health(MCH), Community Health Education/sensitization and development on diseases prevention and critical livelihood

NB: Awach Kibuon Integrated Health & Livelihood (AKIHL) Medical Center would be the main entry point for health and other services to community in Lower Karachuonyo, and therefore must be well developed.


In Our Milestones

Standards of Treatment

MNH has since attained Level 4 status, thus providing standard treatment services.

Infections Prevention

MNH has collaborated with community volunteers to provide information on various infection preventions to both the young & the old.

Quality of Care Services

There has been an improvement in quality of services provided at MNH.

Patient Experience

We aim to always give the best patient experience throughout the entire patient journey at MNH.

Well Communication

We strive to always offer timely communication to both the patient and the care-takers promptly and appropriately.

30+ Years Of Service

We have a 30+ Years of service giving medical care to communities in Homa Bay County and its environs.

What We Did :

Medical laboratory and specialists services

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Final Results :

Clients are also provided with the resources to manage turnaround scope collection, approval and risk ranking. In addition, the resources to develop both the long range (+30%) budget on a statistical basis, as well as the control budget based on the completed schedule