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We offer a wide array of opportunities for you to enhance your life and your health. Whether you are ready to make a change in your physical, creative, spiritual or emotional health, we have the resources available for you to make you well.


Main Service Departments





Allergy and immunology



Dental Care


Eye care

Medical Services

MNH provides comprehensive services in terms of: Out Patient, In Patient (Male, female, Maternity, Pediatrics), X Ray, Diagnostic Medical Laboratory, Modern Mortuary, Dental Services (Community Oral Health), Community Health Outreach and related socioeconomic activities aimed at improving the economic status of the surrounding community.

The average outpatient attendance per month is 1,200, In Patient admission per month is 800. The population being served is about 290,000(Government of Kenya Census, 2009) The area coverage is about 45km square with a poverty rate measured at 75%.


Clinical Services

Allergy | Asthma | Behavioral Change Services | Birth Control | Blood (Hematology) | Bone (Orthopedics) | Brain | Burn | Cancer | Breast Cancer | Childrens Health | Diabetes | Ear, Nose and Throat | Emergencies | Eyes (Ophthalmology) | Family Planning | Genital (Urology) | Heart (Cardiac) | HIV/AIDS | Imaging services | Intestinal | Laboratory | Liver | Maternity | Mental Health | Mouth (Oral Health) | Nervous System | Newborn Newborn Intensive  | Occupational Therapy | Pain (Anesthesia) | Physical Therapy | Pregnancy  | Psychiatry | Rehabilitation | Reproductive Health | Sickle Cell Anemia | Skin (Dermatology) | Speech Disorders | Stomach | Stroke | Trauma | Urgent Care| Weight management | Wound care


Most Common Clinical Services are;

Health insurance covers we Accept

  • NHIF
  • AAR
  • APA
  • CIC
  • Co-operative Bank
  • Equity Bank
  • First Assurance
  • Heritage
  • Madison
  • Jubilee
  • Liaison
  • Old Mutual(UAP)
  • Kenya Defence Forces Insurance
  • Kenya Alliance
  • M-TIBA
  • Kenbright Health care
  • Minet